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Family Law Lawyer: Why I choose family law in Surrey

by Darnell Smith - 

Unlike most lawyers, I choose to be a family law lawyer. Not only do I choose family law, I do so knowing the industry by having left the practice and come back. I like what I do, I like my clients, and I like to help people succeed.

Work Experience

My first job as a lawyer was at a family law firm. I both found, and continue to find, the work compelling. I particularly like the engagement with clients and my ability to help people with overwhelming problems. However, I left the practice. I felt I did not have the litigation experience to create leverage for my clients. In order to gain litigation experience, I left family law to focus on civil litigation.

As a civil litigation lawyer, I got experience with trials. I was counsel on multi-week judge and jury trials to develop my skills. Ironically, my experience at trial helps me now create leverage to decreases the need for trials.

In joining South Coast Law Group, my practice is now exclusively as a family law lawyer in Surrey. I now use my litigation knowledge to give clients fair-priced and solution-oriented legal service. Because it is a very busy practice, I get to work with clients that I like and feel I can help.

Why Surrey

Not only do I practice in Surrey, but I live in Surrey. Therefore, practicing in the Surrey community is key for me. I have a young family and if I can have any impact, I want it to be in my home community.

It is a family tradition to be a Surrey lawyer as my father is also a lawyer in Surrey. He has been in Surrey for over 30 years.

Finally, the very brief commute is wonderful for me and allows for flexibility with scheduling clients.

What I think about Family Law

Family law issues are hard. It is a stressful time, dealing with difficult issues. As a family law lawyer, my job is to simplify things. I provide options and their benefits to allow clients to make smart choices. I focus on the facts that matter, by doing so it makes things easier for my clients.

While I love winning at trial, it is my preference to negotiate equitable solutions. This is because negotiations are less expensive and more efficient than trial. Even when the clients are bitterly opposed, often my outside perspective can help resolve issues. I provide perspective which helps move to a resolution.

When negotiations fail or are not suitable, then I get to use my trial experience to help clients. My ability to gather and enter evidence and artful cross examination skills make me a strong family law lawyer. I relish these opportunities and will do everything I can to get you the best result possible.

Finally, as a family law lawyer there are limits to my skill set. I am a lawyer. I am not a therapist, counsellor, or accountant but, I have connections. To help my clients, I’ve developed a network of connection with other professionals to ensure my clients are supported in every way possible.

Where to go as a Family Law Lawyer

More great results for good people going through tough times in Surrey.

I choose my clients carefully. Most of my work is from referrals because my client recognizes what I do for them. Therefore, continued success and more referral is the game plan. Success ensures I have a likeable client pool that I can work with. This way I help more good people. If you have a family law problem, I can help and will do so in the most cost-effective way I can.

So, call me today, I want to help you. Call for a free no obligations appointment:

604-496-5096 ext. 41

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