Covid-19 - Business is Open

Covid-19 – Open for Business

by Darnell Smith

Safety is paramount during the Covid-19 pandemic. That means continuing to protect our clients’ Family Law interests while taking socially responsible measures.

What is Covid-19 Changing?


Not much!

For everyone’s safety, we will no longer have in-person meetings. Until further notice, video conferencing will replace in-person meetings. If you are not tech savvy, then our team can help you or we can talk on the phone.

Over this period, you can still expect timely responses and superb communication. All of our lawyers have access to their emails during working hours. We are checking our voicemails with regularity. There will be no gap in your service.

South Coast Law Team

Our office is taking every precaution to flatten the Covid-19 curve. Also, it is vital to us to be socially responsible. We are working from home and rotating our schedules when we need to go into the office.

Our policy for sick team members is to stay home and rest with pay. Thankfully, the steps taken have ensured everyone is healthy. We are contingency planning for the worst and hoping for the best.

The Court

In an effort to minimize the spread of Covid-19, the Supreme Court is only hearing urgent matters. For clients with issues relating to the well being of a child or family violence the court will allow hearings to go forwards. The Supreme Court is constantly updating their information. For the most current updates click here.

In light of these new measures less urgent issues will attract an increased pressure to negotiate. This allows for our lawyers 60+ years of negotiations experience to shine. We are using software to facilitate online 4-way meetings, mediation and other dispute resolution tools.

What will not change?

We are dedicated divorce lawyers who want to help our community through tough times. We will find a way to work with you despite the Covid-19 situation.

Finally, please be careful and consider how your actions will effect other people. Practice social distancing and follow the directions of the provincial and federal leaders. If we work together, then we will get through this.

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