Our Cases

Family Law

One way to get a sense of a law firm is to review their reported cases. Please find below links and some brief summaries of our reported cases.

BC Supreme Court Cases

Cook v Cook, 2020 BCSC 389

This is a divorce case after a long, 36 year, marriage. In this this case we asked for an unequal division of family property. The unequal division is because Mr. Cook would have walked away with double the assets of Ms. Cook due to excluded property if an equal division was granted.

The judge granted 75% of savings accounts and the whole value of a property owned by the couple the Ms. Cook.

Cruickshank v Cruickshank, 2019 BCSC 2027

R.E.Q. v G.J.K., 2019 BCSC 1116

M.A.M. v D.L.L., 2018 BCSC 2114

Strachan v Gray, 2018 BCSC 1407

Koltai v Hauser, 2017 BCSC 1675

D.M.H. v D.B.C., 2017 BCSC 1065

Larden v Larden, 2016 BCSC 2664

N.N.N. v D.E.B., 2016 BCSC 1778

O’Neill v MacQuarrie, 2016 BCSC 981

Hamilton v O’Pray, 2015 BCSC 51

Abdalla v Hanno, 2014 BCSC 1598

Court of Appeal Cases

Jensen v Jensen, 2019 BCCA 117

In this case, we successfully defend an appeal. The other side sought 2 decisions the trial judge made in our favour reversed.

  • First, they sought to have the income imputed by our cases’ trial judge set aside. The court of appeal adopts our position that the trial judge was right to impute income to their client.
  • Second, they sought to have the judge’s decision that their client pay our client’s costs overturned. The court of appeal again adopts our position that our client should be paid for being successful.

R.A. v W.A., 2017 BCCA 126

Ressel v Ressel, 2016 BCCA 517

Chu v Eastman, 2016 BCCA 331

Mai v Schumann, 2013 BCCA 365

Berg v Berg, 2012 BCCA 92

Briard v Briard, 2010 BCCA 431

Aelbers v Aelbers, 2010 BCCA 197

Aelbers v Aelbers, 2009 BCCA 231

Narayan v Narayan, 2006 BCCA 561

Rayvals v Rayvals, 2004 BCCA 630

Blake v Blake, 2001 BCCA 518

Campbell v Mills, 1999 BCCA 161

Ungerer v Ungerer, 1998 158 DLR (4th) 47

Rolls v Rolls, 1996 20 BCLR (3d) 379

Estate Litigation

Zukanovic v Malkoc Estate, 2011 BCSC 265

In the case of Zukanovic v. Malkoc Estate, Alma Zukanovic, daughter of the deceased, Mehmed Mike Malkoc, was excluded from her father’s Will and was disadvantaged from her father having transferred assets to his son during his lifetime, so as to further exclude Ms. Zukanovic from receiving her inheritance. The court reviewed both trust principles and Wills Variation Act principles as presented by David R. Greig from the South Coast Law Group, and Ms. Zukanovic was awarded a significant portion of her father’s estate.